Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hearing so many accidents my heart really breaksdown. Hope the following safety tips which I learned from the driving habits of the LORD’s servant (late) Bro. C.V.Samuel (dearly called as Appacha who served the LORD JESUS CHRIST very faithfully in Dindigul, Periyakulam and Chidambaram) will be of some use to all the dear ones. (If others drive the vehicle you may check/direct accordingly.)
1. Once I had a privilege to travel in Appacha’s car from Palani to Dindigul. Though We had already prayed in the house Appacha once again asked for the LORD’s protection on the way as he put his hands on the steering wheel. Always depend on the LORD committing yourself and the vehicle in the LORD’s HANDS.
2. Appacha ensured the car was in good condition and clean. Service/maintain your vehicle periodically.
3. Appacha was very cheerful and happy and even bit jovial! See that you are fresh (not tired, perplexed and sleepy) before driving.
4. It was a bright day. Avoid (long distance) driving during night especially on the hills or when it rains or snows.
5. Appacha obeyed the signals sincerely. Follow the road rules and laws meticulously.
6. Appacha drove with moderate speed. Observe the speed limits of your area. Things go out of control with over speed. It is right to say,”Over speed thrills but kills.”
7. Appacha gave way to the vehicles front and behind. His policy was; “You-first-go.” Never go for race on the roads.
8. Appacha on the way stopped the car and visited a family. Halt in between for sometime. Who knows? You may meet some thirsty and needy souls!
9. Appacha parked the car far away from the road. Never park your vehicle in the middle of the road or in a congested place or where children play.
10. Appacha never took his eyes off the road. Remember distraction ends up in disaster.
11. After seeing the cyclists Appacha was extra alert and careful. Keep always in mind that on the roads others may commit mistakes.
12. Appacha reduced the speed on sharp curves. Be very careful while turning, reversing and in junctions.
13. Traffic police saluted Appacha. Your driving testimony will bring pleasure to others and ultimately to the LORD.