Monday, August 07, 2017

NPSC Annual Conference 2017 - Vote of thanks by Dr M Kannan

Our venerable Chief Guest Mr. R.K.Chaturvedi, IAS, Chairman, CBSE, our Guest of Honor, Prof. Sugata Mitra, Professor of Educational Technology, Director of the Interdisciplinary Research Centre, delegates, dignitaries, distinguished guests and dear friends, it is my great privilege and pleasure to propose a vote of thanks on behalf of NPSC, a body of intellectual scholars and great minds assembled here today at the 44th NPSC Annual Conference. We would like to accord our sincere gratitude to our Chief Guest, Dr. R.K.Chaturvedi for his august presence and inspiring speech which has motivated us to adapt to the new changes and challenges and work meticulously for the benefit and betterment of our children We are very grateful to eminent educator Professor Sugata Mitra for the thought provoking and very encouraging words and ideas which will go a long way to prepare our schools for tomorrow. Prof. Mitra’s courage to bring learning out of the four walls of the schools and learning anytime anywhere, have been particularly inspiring. Cheer up, dear friends our schools of tomorrow are going to be smarter and brighter. We are deeply indebted to our Founding Members and Lifetime Members for their constant strength and support. King Solomon said “Wisdom is better than rubies” and it is their wisdom that helped NPSC to grow by leaps and bounds to achieve high level of calibre in the field of education. Our profuse thanks to ex-Chairpersons and Executive Members who with their hard labour and scrupulous plans moulded NPSC to carve a niche in excellence. We would like to especially thank our speakers of the various sessions who not only made time for us but also made this conference meaningful by sharing their sparking and stimulating thoughts and giving us a head start in our quest for better schools in the future. A big thank you to all the Moderators, Rapporteurs and Guest Coordinators. What you have done yesterday and today is indeed splendid! We are so thankful to our Chairman, Mr. Ashok Pandey who is tall not only physically but also in principles; calm and cool in nature but quick and firm in action for organizing a great conference like this! Thanks also for his meritorious jokes that many a time relieved us from tremendous pressures. Tons of thanks to the Vice-Chairperson, Mrs. Sadhana Bhalla who has a rich experience, mature mind and a generous heart to lead and guide us in the path of success. We would like to thank the Joint Secretary, Mrs Seema Jerath dynamic, smiling and a vibrant lady whose expertise helped us to reach the pinnacle easily. Thank you teachers for your patient listening and ardent learning for you are the architects of schools of tomorrow! We would like to particularly express our heartfelt thanks and wishes to the wonderful children of Blue Bells School for leaving us mesmerized by their musical and melodious voice. Abundant thanks to all our beloved Principals and their staff especially Mrs. Chitra Nakra, Ved Vyasa DAV Public School, Vikaspuri for the beautiful bags, Mrs. Malini Naraynan , Army Public School, Shanker Vihar for the creative badges, Dr. Anju Tandon, Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan’s Mehta Vidyalaya, Kastuba Gandhi Marg for the warm reception and friendly festivity, Mrs. Rachna Pant, Ramjas School , R.K. Puram for the mementoes, Mrs. Meeta Rai, Delhi Public School, Indirapuram and Mrs. Suman Kumar, Bluebells International School, East of Kailash for the soul stirring songs, Mrs. Sudha Acharya, ITL Public School, Dwarka for decoration and hospitality, Dr. D.K. Pandey , N.C. Jindal Public School, Punjabi Bagh for transport and guest corordination, Dr. Ruchi Seth, Lotus Valley International School, Mayur Vihar for summing up the proceedings, Ms. Seema Jairath, DLF Public School, Ghaziabad for photography and video recording and last but not the least, Mr. Ashok Pandey for everything from the speakers to the stage management and all arrangements to make these two days most effective and exhilarating. All in all it has been a fantastic show of brilliant teamwork. So amazing! It would only be correct to accord thanks to the excellent Management and the staff of India International Centre who deserve our appreciation and acknowledgment for the clean and comfortable ambiance and arrangements. Special thanks to the F&B Manager for the sumptuous and lavish meals which everyone enjoyed for two days. Above all we thank the LORD JESUS CHRIST for His protection and blessings! So here we go, ‘to the tomorrow of schools, to do right’ as the Genius Marcus Cato said, “I prefer to do right and get no thanks rather than to do wrong and get no punishment.”