Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Internet –based Teaching and Learning (IBTL)

Internet, wherein, millions of computers are networked, is probably then most Transformative technology in history reshaping all walks of human life in an astonishing way! Teachers can make use of educational Internet sites as a form of virtual classrooms.

It provides access to real educational source and provides connection with large learning communities thus becoming a powerful source of inquiry and exploration. Information and resources from around the world, as along as one is connected to Internet.

It also provides access to new developments and discoveries. Students can visit online libraries, observatories, museums, and consult experts around the globe. They can have a guided tour of scientific location through Internet.

Quality of teaching and learning can be greatly enhanced by this method. Web-based animation and simulation techniques bring movement and simulation techniques bring movement to static textbook lessons. These techniques will recreate students.

They can feed the data and make observations from which they will be able to draw conclusions and confirm the results that were taught. The rich multi-sensory nature of the web-based learning will definitely make any subject quite interesting.