Saturday, September 17, 2005


During summer holidays our school, ‘Faith Academy’ organized a trip to Nainital (one of the Himalayan hill stations) for classes 6 and 7. I asked my parents if I could go, but they refused. I was very sad. All my friends were going, only I was not going.

The next day my friends said they had brought the money and they were so excited about it. I also badly wanted to go and to convince my mother was a himalayan task. After my father came I persuaded him and asked his permission again and again for about an hour. Finally he gave in. I was so happy. My mother was not so happy about it but she had to agree. My parents put their conditions. I agreed to them. The next morning my Parents gave the money and I went happily to school.

Finally the great day dawned. At about 10 o’clock in the night we started from New Delhi. We reached Nainital at 7 in the morning. We were assigned to our rooms. We went for shopping and bought some candles and presents. The next day we went for boating and bought some clothes in the famous Tibetan market. In the ‘noon we left for Corbett park. While going there we stopped for lunch and I thought of calling up my father. I talked with him and he asked me whether we were all safe as someone said there was a fire in Corbett park and I told that we hadn’t reached Corbett park and nothing had happened to us. My father was relieved and happy. When we reached Corbett park, it was so nice.

We saw deer, elephants, langoors, different birds and even fresh footprints of tigers. There was a watch tower also. we climbed on that and saw a clear view of the forest. At night we returned to our hotel ’Jungle Resort’. Next morning we went to river Kosi. We enjoyed the most there. For about two and a half hours we were there. We didn’t want to get out of the water. With great difficulty and sadness we went back to our hotel. We had a bath and got ready to leave to Delhi.

I could enjoy the beauty of Nainital as I looked up high in the mountains and praise the LORD JESUS CHRIST for His beautiful creation. In all the four sides it is covered by hills. I enjoyed very much. I think I’ll never have a memorable trip like this one in my whole life!

K.Jenefa Joanna