Saturday, September 10, 2005


Curriculum is systematically organized course of teaching and learning.

1. Who gets to decide the curriculum.
The State, Industry, the parents, the teachers and the learners should decide
the curriculum.

2. Objectives ( What the curriculum is for).
Equipping citizens with spiritual, emotional, intellectual as well as physical growth and maturity,
growing better employees,
progeny of culture,
personal empowerment,
true enjoyment of life's potential.

3.Material (What the curriculum covers).
The scientific curriculum,
cultural studies,
Global integrated courses,
or whatever the learner is benefited from.

4.Organization ( How the curriculum is organized)
Quantified gradation-
through learner-chosen courses
through guided group activity
through learner-centred self-exploration.

5.Method ( How the curriculum is taught)
Uniform "mass" education by rote memory,
behaviourist habit forming,
personalized development,
or learner-initiated.
Or keeping a balanced view of all.

6.Evaluation ( How the learner is evaluated).
Standardized tests created by experts,
quantified gradations set by school board,
narrative interviews,
continuous assessment
or immediate validation through direct experimentation and evaluation.