Monday, April 09, 2007


Learning Benefits of computer Technology

Cost Effectiveness:
Computer and internet-based learning can be 20-25% less time consuming than instructor-led, facility-based courses where employees must spend time and money traveling. Similarly, a student needing help can access tutors online to answer an individual question rather than meeting with a tutor for an hour.

This allows individuals to learn on an as-needed basis. Students can access information closer to the time the knowledge is needed.

Learner Controlled
Technology has given the individual grater authority over the learning environment. Learning may now occur at one’s own desk or the home.

An individual may proceed through a course or program as the information is fully comprehended. Students can convert information to knowledge on their own timetable.

Advancements in technology and the subsequent growth in the internet have led to the development of interactive learning environments. These learning environments create a renewed interest in the educational process. Individuals can play an active role in the learning process rather than passively listening to a teacher lecture.

Individuals in various places can effectively communicate with co-workers or instructors without being in the same room.

Uniformity of Content
The information delivered can be consistent to all users, therefore reducing the possibility for misinterpretations.

Customizable Content
Information can be developed with individual users in mind. Courses and programs can be created to deal with each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

Content Updated Rapidly
Product and procedural changes can be updated and delivered in real time. This increases the rate at which knowledge is acquired.