Sunday, April 02, 2006


Acoustics and Vibration Animations
Contains animations which visualize concepts concerning acoustics and vibration, including simple and damped harmonic oscillation, damped systems, and radiation.

Zona Land Physics Department: Waves
Esamines wave propogation, reflection, interference, and other concepts.

Exploratorium Snack: Resonator
Project that uses balls attached to dowels to demonstrate the concepts of natural frequency and resonance.

Vibrations and Waves
Online textbook featuring downloadable chapters in PDF format. Covers vibrations, resonance, and free and bounded waves.

Universal Planar Manipulator (UPM)
Performing research in the field of distributed manipulation to develop a single horizontally-vibrating plate to move objects.

Input Shaping
Dedicated to the exchange of information on input shaping.

Active Classroom: Waves and Vibrations
Lessons, labs, worksheets, and more.